Following the Royal Belgian Economic Mission to Morocco and the first edition of the EU-Africa Business Summit last year, EBS is now actively preparing for the next edition of this summit to be held on the 28th and 29th of November in Marrakech. This year, the European Business Summit will feature a special EU-Africa Summit roundtable taking place in the morning of the 6th May and focusing on new perspectives in economic relations between African countries and the European Union. Economic integration in Africa is currently underway and gathering speed. In a move towards efficient collaboration between the two continents the roundtable and summit represents the platform for a multi-sectorial dialogue, consolidated at both the political and commercial levels. The Brussels' high-level roundtable will consist of several debates, followed by a private business lunch. This year the roundtable will address issues related to investment opportunities as well as trade exchanges, in targeted sectors such as digital, energy and agriculture. Are you interested in EU-African business opportunities or trade relations? Join the roundtable session on Day 1 at 9.30am.