Vilius Šapoka, Minister of Finance of Lithuania joins Kristian Jensen, Minister of Finance of Denmark in a conversation on the New Vision and Alliance for Europe. Denmark and Lithuania are two of the eight northern countries that share a unified position on the creation of the single capital market. These eight countries also share a mutual vision and values. Being Members of the EU is not the only thing that brings them together, both countries are part of NATO as well. Denmark was part of the first enlargement of the UE in 1973 after its creation in 1957. Lithuania joined the EU as well in May 2004. Both countries are not only members of the EU, with Denmark being part of the first enlargement of the EU in 1973 after its creation in 1957 and Lithuania joining the EU in May 2004, but both countries are also part of NATO. Their bond has lead to bilateral relationships and cooperations in the field of defence. The two Ministers from Lithuania and Denmark will discuss the topic of their alliance for a new Europe and bring a fresh vision on the future of Europe. Attend the session on May 6 at 10.15-11.15 at #EBS2019