In the context of Tomorrow's Europe, many lingering questions remain about the future of work in the context of the 4th technological revolution. Skills at Work in 2030 is an Agora Session co-hosted with Bantani Education to discuss the future skills that will be indispensable in the future. Key questions to be discussed include: what makes a worker employable? How can we build and emphasize human skills? What do we need to do in front of the changing models of work? How can companies connect the right people to the right jobs? Skills at Work in 2013 taking place on Day 1 at 2:15 pm.

The session will include 3 high-level speakers: - Rebecca Weight, Head of Operations at Bantani Education - Markus Krebler, Founder & Head of Corporate Relations at Kiron Open Higher Education - Joost Korte, Director General for DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion at European Commission To learn more join us for the19th edition of EBS! Check out the full programme: