From R&D to Market Entry: What is Missing in the Race for Innovation to Foster European Champions?

Due to a slow in European growth, science, research, technology and innovation are on the rise as sources for future sustainable growth. With fierce competition from China and the US, it is clear that Europe needs to bolster these fields to promote young innovators to re-join the innovation race.

The EBS 2019 roundtable session discussed the fact that although there exist many highly innovative European companies, evidence shows that Europe on average has consistently failed to exploit its potential for innovation-based growth despite a series of innovation policy strategies and targets. To propel Europe’s leadership the following questions have been considered:

  • How to further protect investment and limit financial risk-taking?
  • How to facilitate contact between investors and start-ups?
  • Stock-options – what isn’t working?

To voice their expertise and provide solutions, the following speakers were consulted: Reinhilde Veugelers, Senior Fellow at Bruegel; Keith Sequeira, European Commission ; Richard White, VP Procurement & Sustainability Europe at AbInbev ; Åshild Hanne Larsen, CIO of Equinor. Dan Michaels from the Wall Street Journal, moderated the session. During an interview, Richard White, VP Procurement and Sustainability Europe at AbInBev said: "Data is critical in terms of our ability to be able to first identify the challenges that we are facing within the sustainability agenda. But also in terms of being able to track the progress and the improvement that we can make with regards to any initiatives that we put in place."