The European Business Summit was pleased to welcome Lithuania's Finance Minister, Vilius Šapoka, and the Danish Finance Minister, Kristian Jensen. They elaborated together on "The New Visions and Alliances for Europe" which took place on 7th May at the Egmont Palace.

Denmark and Lithuania both belong to a group of medium and small countries from the Nordic and Baltic countries, which are joining forces to further influence the European agenda. These countries, nicknamed by the media "the club" or the "Hanseatic league", want to further shape the future of the euro area in line with their visions. In order to revive the integration of the monetary union in the face of numerous economic issues, these countries are aiming to foster increased competition in the single market and stress the need for national fiscal responsibility within the euro area.


“You cannot discuss economic growth without realising who creates wealth... Business! Therefore increasing wealth for citizens comes from a regulatory environment that works for Business” mentioned one of the ministers during the session.