European Business Summit (EBS) is an organisation that creates one of the largest networking and debating events in Brussels. We describe ourselves as a key player in bringing business and politics together and our aim is to stimulate thinking on European issues that span political, social and environmental challenges. Through its events and publications, EBS delivers an inspired and informed contribution to policy-making in Europe.

EBS, under the provision of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is supported by the FEB (Federation of Enterprises in Belgium) and BUSINESSEUROPE. The EBS is also proud to acknowledge the high patronage of His Majesty the King of the Belgians.


Our mission is twofold: we aim to bring politics and business together in order to discuss and pursue their common goals. We join influencers and legislators from contrasting perspectives, to give a voice to all sides of the debate. The other priority of EBS is to provide the European institutions with a platform where they can place their top priorities in the spotlight. This way, businesses and politics can work together on the economic growth and wellbeing of society.

The European Business Summit works with companies of all sizes, but also with associations, governments and regional representatives. NGOs, academia and think tanks from across all sectors are likewise welcome, whether they come from the private or public sector. EBS summits exist for the purpose of creating cohesive solutions and improvements to current policy-making issues.


The European Business Summit creates the prestigious 2-day event of The European Business Summit. It also supports topical and relevant 1-day summits that are held throughout the year.

EBS is also organising Back from Davos event.

An overview of all the upcoming events EBS is supporting: 

Think Digital / Energy Policy Summit / European Defence Industry Summit / Bespoke events 

THE EBS Annual Event

The EBS Annual Event is one of the most far-reaching and influential debating and networking platforms in Europe held at the Egmont Palace, Brussels. 

EBS gives business representatives the opportunity to engage in a dialogue where they can demonstrate that business can play a key part to the solutions needed in today’s sociopolitical context.

In the run-up to The European Business Summit, EBS holds monthly Steering Committees with regular guest speakers from EU political institutions. This committee, comprised of EBS partners, helps form the best possible summit by gaining vital insight from those who are directly involved.

EBS is an organisation that takes pride in supporting and facilitating the dynamic collaboration of leaders from each sector of society.

The impetus for this is our justified faith in the European Project and our desire to make a significant contribution towards it. Now, more than ever, there is an on-going necessity for strong partnerships between public and private spheres. By aiding the development of these strong bonds, there is an even better chance of successfully working together to help build a better Europe.

EBS is dedicated to creating new and pragmatic ways of addressing policy solutions within the efficient and recognised framework of the annual summit. With our annual European Business Summit as well as other, more policy specific events supported by EBS, we invite you to join us in the development and maintenance of a better future for Europe.

Arnaud Thysen
Director General