Roundtable: E-commerce - Retail competitiveness in the age of digitalization

23 May 2018


The digitalization of industries comes with a need for continuous development and adaptation. As there is the belief that the unification of the European single market could restore growth and the global competitiveness of the EU, there is a need to invest time and finances in these innovative, digital projects. With a strong focus on the rise of e-commerce and the online purchase market, European citizens and companies need to take into account its sustainability factor, as well as supply chain challenges, which can limit the growth factor of the e-commerce industry. The rise in e-commerce and digitalization also affects the behavior of consumers on the online market. Online retailers should make full use of this new European framework. How does this market gain the trust of new consumers? In light of these developments, this roundtable will also focus on the protection of customers and the regulation of alternative and online dispute settlements. How to gain the trust of consumers while tapping the potential of retail and e-commerce?