Roundtable: Empowering Innovation: Building institutional support

23 May 2018


Did you know that Europe is proving to be one of the most vital continents for innovators, with the highest number of patents applications per million populations in the world? Still Europe remains behind for the total number of patent applications. We have high density of quality but low aggregate number. There is something in the European social, cultural, and economic texture that is fertile terrain for innovators, however, they are disconnected and fragmented. In the last few years’ vital start-up ecosystems have been growing in almost every European country, but will Europe be able to cope with the massive investments going on in other area of the world? Not only the Silicon Valley, but also China (Pearl River Delta) and India (Hyderabad and Bangalore). How can the various stakeholders work together to build a connected ecosystem with the right infrastructure to accelerate learning and innovation? What roles do the various stakeholders play- industry, academia, governments and civil society?