EBS 2017
22nd - 23rd May

Europe: The Way Forward

60 Years of Europe: Time for a new narrative?

The anniversary of the Treaty of Rome provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on the future of the European Union.

From Brexit to the changing face of terrorism to the rise in populism, Europe faces unprecedented challenges. More than ever before, questions rise as whether the EU institutions and policies are still sufficiently adapted to manage current disruptions and foster new strategies.

EBS will work to produce concrete outcomes by highlighting the business contribution to Europe's new narrative. Join business leaders, policymakers and civil society to discuss what’s next for Europe and the world.


200 speakers will be sharing their experience



  • The first day is open to the public. Register to attend a wide choice of open debates and plenary sessions.

  • Plenary Session A Business Contribution to a New Narrative for Europe

    Plenary Session. 2017 will mark the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome establishing the European Community. This celebration provides the perfect opportunity to reflect upon the European Union and the path that must be taken in the future; a future that the EU can only embrace through working hand in hand with the driving force of its economy, the business community, together with social partners. To reach a fruitful cooperation, both businesses and EU institutions have to engage in an open and constructive dialogue, assessing mutual strengths and needs as well as the rapid and unpredictable pace at which our world is evolving.

  • Strategic Roundtable European Trade Strategy

    Europe is a key player in international economic relations, but what is its long-term economic vision and will it keep its leading role in the future? With new foreign policy agendas such as - America First - and - Global Britain -, it is clear the future EU-27 is in need of a new geopolitical strategy. While European leaders tend to playing safe on its future, European businesses seek the support to bolster the economy. With the US moving closer towards protectionism and Asia taking centre-stage in the international trade market, Europe needs to position itself in this new world order. The question is now on how policy makers can strategically coordinate to establish a European economic diplomacy to generate new market opportunities for businesses.

  • Strategic Roundtable Protecting our Individual Freedom: Security for Companies and Citizens

    Together with ENISA, this session will showcase that security is a central component of business continuity and citizen?s trust. The ever-evolving cyber landscape comes with challenges that businesses have to be very flexible in order to deal with them. The EU is investing in this field to become a strong player and is stimulating the cooperation between different sectors such as energy, health, transport, and finance. What needs to be done with the collection and protection of data for both businesses and customers? Does encryption provide enough security for them? What is the EU?s overall view on cross-border access to electronic evidence?

  • Strategic Roundtable The Future of Healthcare

    What are the cures of tomorrow? With the rise of digitalisation, an aging population and associated chronic diseases, the health industry has been disrupted by several changes. The challenges are well recognised, but the question remains as to what the EU can do collectively to address it together with its Member States.

  • Agora European basic income: key for a more balanced society?

    Will a near future of automation force governments to introduce a universal basic income? Can a UBI be the answer to job losses and poverty?

  • Agora How can Europe foster its start-up potential?

    How can Europe unleash its start-up potential? Do we dare to fail in Europe? Promoting venture capital investments, building a real European start-up culture and exchanging experiences from young starters.

  • Agora Successful Smart Cities

    Cities in transition & the future of living: how can we make our European cities smarter and in line with the digital revolution?

  • Co-shaped conference CSR Sustainable Development Goals Conference

    An in-depth look at how progressive business practices support inclusive growth and equality. Together with CSR Europe (The European Business Network for Corporate Social Responsibility), the conference on Sustainable Development Goals sets out global targets to address the most pressing current societal and environmental issues. SDGs provide a unique opportunity for Europe to generate real sustainable impact towards an innovative, prosperous and inclusive society.

  • Join policymakers, high-level business people, experts and civil society in a range of impactful sessions on the future of Europe.

  • Plenary Session Europe in a New World ? Strategy to Thrive

    Plenary Session on the way forward for Europe. The central theme of this year's summit will look at creating a new narrative for Europe with the invaluable input of businesses and civil society.

  • Plenary Session The Priorities of Europe/Better Regulation/SDGs

    By Frans Timmermans, Jean-Pierre Clamadieu and Lise Kingo

  • Strategic Roundtable Digitalisation of the Internal Market

    It is time to seize digital opportunities and restore Europe?s global competitiveness. The digitalisation of industries comes with a necessity for the continuous development and adaptation. There is the belief that the unification of the European single market could restore growth and the global competitiveness of the EU, therefore there is a need to invest time and finances in these innovative, digital projects. With a strong focus on the rise of E-Commerce and the online purchase market, European citizens and companies need to take into account its sustainability factor, but also the supply chain challenges, which can limit the growth factor of the E-Commerce industry. The rise in E-Commerce and digitalisation also entails the need to study the behaviour of consumers on the online market. In light of these developments, this roundtable will also focus on the protection of customers and the regulation of alternative and online dispute settlements. How to gain the trust of consumers while tapping the potential of retail and E-Commerce?

  • Strategic Roundtable From Immigration to Integration

    How businesses, individuals and society can all benefit. Together with DG Home, a dialogue will be held on skills and migration for the EU. The year 2017 has brought Europe ongoing challenges with mass immigration. This roundtable will focus on how to mobilise employers for the integration of recently arrived migrants and, in particular, refugees. The main objectives are to foster the engagement of employers and social partners, recognise and disseminate what is being already done and to deliver concrete outputs to support and promote further engagement for integration. The integration charter will be presented at EBS to be implemented by employers and social partners, in order to foster labour market integration of newly arrived migrants and refugees.

  • Strategic Roundtable Green Energy Solutions

    Is Europe in the Driving Seat of the Clean Energy Transition? Within a newly established global environment, the governance of the EU Energy Union is facing the challenge to find a resilient and secure energy system. A secure energy system is now analogous with finding and creating green energy solutions. Now the goal is to attain a net zero emission economy throughout Europe with the Clean Energy Package. At the same time, the EU?s global leadership on Climate Change will hinge on its ability to deliver on the cost-effective deployment of renewable energy and to meet its ambitious target on energy efficiency. Still greatly depending on exhaustible and nuclear energy, the EU still has a long way to go. One of the particular challenges at hand is raising the ambition of the ETS in line with the COP21 outcome while ensuring an inclusive energy transition that protects the EU?s competitiveness. And with a newly established world order, the EU should rethink their approach in energy diplomacy. What are the next steps after the promises in Paris and Marrakech?

  • Strategic Roundtable How to Develop an Industrial Strategy for Europe?

    The future of EU?s industry in the coming decade. If there is one thing most economists would agree upon, it is that digital technology now performs many jobs that once required manpower. In manufacturing enterprises, employment has declined rapidly over the past few years because of digital automation. With the foresight of the emergence of more and more robotics and artificial intelligence, policy makers and stakeholders in business and society should have a common vision on the future of EU?s industry. How can we align the digitalisation of enterprises successful without losing sight of sustainability and maintaining the indispensability of humans?

  • Agora Are job opportunities for young people on the wane?

    What can be improved and changed in order to stop a skilled generation from leaving Europe? Join us and take part in the intergenerational debate!

  • Agora Could 2017 mark the end of the EU as we know it?

    In 2017, the decisive votes in France, Germany and the Netherlands will change the face of Europe. Could 2017 mark the end of the European Union as we know it? Can we prevent a disaster for the Union? Will a cooperation between Member States still be feasible?

  • Agora Free trade or protectionism?

    The paradox of rising protectionism in a globalised world. Debating on the TTIP and CETA and why trade deals face so much resistance.

  • Agora What's the impact of the Brexit on the European financial market?


  • MEET THE EXPERTS Cleaning out the Newsroom

    Can we still tell real news from fake news?

  • MEET THE EXPERTS Meet 10 Innovators of ERC

    Meet and get inspired by top innovators from all over Europe who have been funded by European Research Council!

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