The EU in the World: New trade Opportunities for the EU

Notwithstanding that the coronavirus crisis has highlighted the EU’s need to make supply chains more resilient and sustainable, we should continue to deepen our trade relationships and to work with our partners to seek broader market access and new trade opportunities for European companies and European workers, that are mutually beneficial. It is time to boost efforts to raise awareness of the opportunities within the EU’s trade agreements and to step up enforcement action so that they deliver on their promises. The European Union cannot act in isolation and has a leadership role to play on the global stage while building meaningful partnerships with the rest of the world. In this context, EU and Africa are seeking to develop a new mutually beneficial partnership and further their common interests and future. Through this intensified cooperation, the European Union and Africa can deliver their desire to work together specifically for a green transition, ensuring access to sustainable energy, digital transition, sustainable and inclusive growth and unlocking the potential of Africa’s resources, particularly in agriculture.

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