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Industrial Strategy for Europe

The future of our industries: what will Europe's industrial landscape look like ten years from now? Which strategy has the EU developed for its industries?

The power of European Economic Diplomacy

Europe is a key player in international economic relations, but what is its long-term economic vision and will it keep its leading role in the future?

From Immigration to Integration

Employment is the key to successful and lasting integration. How can the EU stimulate companies to give new Europeans a chance to integrate and build a future in our society?

Investing in innovation, investing in future

Europe can't benefit from growth if it doesn't stimulate innovation through investments and financial support. How can the EU adopt a policy which prioritize sound investments?

A Brave Green World

Will Europe steer the world towards a global green energy transition? Can Europe achieve independence through a renewable energy shift? Will Sweden become the world's first country running 100% on renewables?

Sustainable Development Goals

SDG's 2030: Where does Europe stand? How much are European businesses committed to achieve the SGD's targets? Focus on human capacity and diversity in our ageing society, circular economy and youth activation.

Successful Smart Cities

Cities in transition & the future of living: how can we make our European cities smarter and in line with the digital revolution?

The Future of Healthcare

How will tomorrow's diseases be cured? Will Europe be able to catch the digital train of the healthcare sector?

EU institutions: restoring the trust

Acting too little, too late. Throughout the unsolved crises, our institutions have lost the trust of the European peuple. How can the EU gain the trust of its citizens back?

Digitising the internal market

High time to seize the opportunity of restoring Europe's global competitiveness!

Sustainable Living

Consumers deserve food they can trust: both healthy for them and safe for the environment around them. How can Europe meet these demands and support sustainable food chains?

Imaging tomorrow's workplace

Robotics, artificial intelligence and automation: will 50% of the work as we know it today be replaced by technology? Will Europe be able to manage this radical transition?


Turmoil in the Eurozone

Will Brexit's impact really be a disaster for the European Financial Market? How can we best anticipate the inevitable changes that will occur?

European elections: dreading 2017

In 2017, the decisive votes in France, Germany and the Netherlands will change the face of Europe. Could 2017 mark the end of the European Union as we know it? Can we prevent a disaster for the Union? Will a cooperation between Member States still be feasible?

US – Russia Reconciliation

Danger or opportunity for Europe?

When individual freedom is at risk

Cyber Security & Data Protection: an in-depth analysis of today's challenges.

Nationalism destroys Europe, does it?

The return of the nationalists. Why do they seem more and more convincing? What can we learn from the past and how can businesses contribute to the debate?

European Defence Union

Did Europe become too vulnerable? Will Trump pull the U.S. out of NATO? Maybe a European Defence Union is not merely a fantasy anymore, but a necessity.

Free trade vs. protectionism

Which does more harm than good?A guide to the economic and political debate.

Universal basic income

Will a near future of automation force governments to introduce a universal basic income? Can a UBI be the answer to job losses and poverty?

Struggle of the trade deals

The paradox of rising protectionism in a globalised world. Debating on the TTIP and CETA and why trade deals face so much resistance.

What if Turkey opens the migrant gate?

Tough membership talks, mutual threats and turbulences: Will a new chapter begin in EU-Turkey relations under Malta's Council presidency? Migrants: Will Europe continue to stick its head in the sand?

Meanwhile in Greece

The Grexit somehow sank into oblivion after the Brexit vote. Yet, a crisis with no end in sight is still striking an entire country, its citizens and, the European continent as a whole. Will the Greek economy be able to recover?

New terrorism: the changing face of terror

New counter-terrorism in the 21st Century. How can Europe respond to and adapt its security strategy towards changing forms of terrorism?


120 Days of Trump

Will the European - American alliance be dismantled? Is the new Trump administration a threat for the European Union?

Hard of Soft Brexit?

Triggering Article 50: will the UK and the EU reach a compromise?

Exploring the Arctic

What is Europe's policy for the Arctic? What are the major challenges in this region which plays a key role in the EU's future energy security?

Europe’s Space Odyssey

What are the Union's plans in space? Roadmap on "A Space Strategy for Europe".

Equal jobs, unequal pay

Why is gender inequality still a thing? Will Europe finally manage to equally remunerate men and women in ten years from now?

Communicate better, convince more

Too much bureaucracy, expensive travels between Brussels and Strasbourg, a problem of illegitimacy: the EU has failed to keep touch with a great number of its habitants. If Europe wants to survive, it will have to reach this overlooked group.

Europe's start-up scene

How can Europe unleash its start-up potential? Do we dare to fail in Europe? Promoting venture capital investments, building a real European start-up culture and exchanging experiences from young starters.

From Zero to Hero

Who are Europe's hidden champions and why are they so vital for our economy?

Europe in 2030: three scenarios

Let's imagine how Europe could look a few years from now. Three scenarios which the EU is most likely to fall into.

Is Europe still attracting young talent?

Can the EU offer opportunities and future career perspectives to its youth? Does young European talent stay on the continent? How to prevent a skilled generation from leaving Europe? Join us and take part in the intergenerational debate!

Cleaning out the Newsroom

Can we still tell real news from fake news?

Meet 10 Innovators of ERC

Get inspired by the European Research Council which funds top research in Europe!

Energy Policy Summit

Discover the highlights of the Back from Davos conference

Discover the highlights of the Back from Davos conference by clicking here . An evening of over 200 participants and engaging discussion. EBS's Back From Davos official pictures are now available to view here .    

TCS appointed Strategic Partner of the European Business Summit

TATA Consultancy Services will serve as the summit’s exclusive Strategic Partner in an agreement concluded at the World Economic Forum in Davos. This agreement marks TCS’ continued commitment to Europe and the growth of its Digital Economy. Arnaud Thysen, EBS Director General

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