Roundtable: Hydrogen as a Game Changer in MENA

6 May 2019

12:15-13:30 | Arenberg Room


Jorgo Chatzimarkakis

Hydrogen Europe

Secretary General

Frank Wouters

EU GCC Clean Energy Technology Network


André Hutzli

BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA

Managing Director - Sector Head Energy - EMEA

Maarten van Haute

Q8 Petroleum

Alternative Fuels Officer & Business Development


If the previous industrial revolution has largely been based on a single commodities family like oil or gas, the progress towards zero-emission solutions will manifest in many ways and ecosystems across regions in the world. Central to this diversity, Hydrogen is an energy carrier, a fuel and a raw material, which if produced adequately can reduce GHG emissions, strengthen energy independence and mitigate the challenges posed by variability and intermittency of renewable energy systems as it offers a clean, sustainable, and flexible option to convert renewable electricity into a chemical energy carrier for use in energy, mobility, heat and industrial applications. As the “gaseous form of electricity”, it is an enabler for sectoral integration. As technological and financial initiatives multiply across the world to unearth and accelerate the hydrogen economy, this roundtable sets out to understand the formidable potential it holds for the MENA region to transform its economy and engage current fossil fuel producers to transform current existing technological assets into decarbonised paths, as well as to leverage its current energy mix diversification and greening for non-oil countries. Testimonies will be shared by key policymakers, infrastructure investment institutions, and companies involved in the region. This discussion will explore the transformations on both economic and geostrategic terms.